Monday, May 3, 2010

Simple Rules - HowTo Be Safe On-line.

Safe chatting for the mature over 50s…………
1: Get a free nondescript email account. For example having an email with your real name within it really is not a very good idea. Try and pick something reasonably neutral and not cute or sexual. For example “hot stuff69ner”@ is not good,right?.A popular free email account is or and can also be used as an instant messenger name.
2: Sites that request a lot of info’, example some sites request real name, hometown and even postcode. This information could just be enough information for anyone to find you.They should only ask for your region, gender and age that’s it. Email addresses should be kept private. anymore info’ required,don’t join.
3: When in chat personal information should not be given out, for example,phone numbers,do not give it out.Where you live is a no, no, example City is OK, street name or area is not.Keep your workplace, school,ect, private. A good idea is to limit what you like, for example saying you are part of a pool team in a specific city narrows it down to only a few possibilities, this info’ could give your location away. Someone asking too many targeted questions, “STOP CHATTING” and inform the site admin.
4: Never give out your phone number to someone who you have just met also be very careful about giving out your Messenger address.
5: If someone is persistently harassing you report it and their account will be suspended. Your details should be kept private and the harasser will never know it was you who reported them.
6: If someone is harassing you don’t respond, use the block options available or just ignore the messages.
7: Be wary of going for a private session with a user, particularly in web cam chat rooms. They may seem reasonably sincere on the surface but could be pretending to be something they are not.
8: Spend time to learn how to use the chat before starting, this way you cant offend anyone by being a newbie.
9: Watch what you say. Never say anything that you wouldn’t say to someone’s face in real life. Also bear in mind that sarcasm and irony do not translate too well on the internet.
10: Never give out any credit card details or bank details even to someone who claims to be an administrator. As well as this keep your account password to yourself.
11: Be very wary of posting photographs on the site. It really is your decision though. We also don’t recommend posting any pictures of your car on the site as it may well reveal personal information, if you do make sure the number plate is not visible.
12: Online activity how to monitor it:
Monitor your children especially if you have a shared computer. Some sites do not permit children on their site but there are many that do, always make sure parental controls are set and passwords kept safe. It is not impossible for a child to log on using your account details.